Assurance and Financial Statements

Assurance and Financial Statements

The accuracy of your financial data is the first step towards the financial health of your business, the success of your projects and the longevity of your business. It is the basis of good long-term planning and ensures the establishment of your budgets.

We provide guidance in the financial reporting process and constructive solutions so businesses can maximize profitability and efficiency. We work with various consultants to ensure we have rigorous quality controls.

During an audit, we conduct intensive checks by testing internal accounting system controls, ensuring the highest level of assurance.

During a review, we conduct a limited assurance engagement of your financial reports.

Compilation is based on client information provided primarily for internal use and preparing tax returns.

Supporting a Key Sector

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the lifeblood of the Quebec economy, and BDRF CPA is proud to support them in achieving their goals.

Whether a non-profit organization, or a business in the manufacturing, service, retail, technology, real estate or co-ownership sector, our clients are sole proprietors or closely held businesses that operate in dynamic environments.

We also work with start-ups specializing in R&D and new technologies. Moreover, our firm has extensive knowledge of family business dynamics and succession issues.

Meeting International Standards

Whether a publicly traded company, mutual fund corporation or real estate investment trust, BDRF CPA can provide the expertise you need.

We work closely with companies to produce their quarterly and annual financial reports and ensure compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

We also assist in the documentation and preparation of annual files for submission to external company auditors.

Lastly, being accredited by the Canadian Public Accountability Board, we are equipped to handle year-end audits.

Building Relationships on Trust

Taxation, quality of life and labour are some reasons behind a company’s decision to relocate to a city, and a parent company will eventually need to rely on first-rate international collaborators.

Over the years, BDRF CPA has met its European clients’ expectations by providing them with expert accounting and personalized services that foster relationships built on trust.

From registering with the government and helping implement accounting systems to introducing you to Canadian banks and government agencies, our firm of Chartered Professional Accountants makes every effort to ensure you succeed on Canadian soil.